Material and Care

Thank you for your interest in CHESI. Scroll down to view what materials we use and how to care for your new CHESI jewelry.


What is my jewelry made of?

All of our jewelry is made with hypoallergenic 925 sterling silver that are nickel and lead-free. We also have gold-plated jewelry that is coated over 925 sterling silver. For details on a specific product, please click on the product link and view its full description. 

What is sterling silver 925?

Sterling silver 925 is 92.5% silver mixed with other metals like copper or brass. Pure silver is too soft so it requires other metals to make it more durable. All of our sterling silver jewelry has a genuine 925 or an S925 marking. 

What is gold-plated jewelry?

Gold-plated jewelry is jewelry that is coated with gold on the surface of another metal. We plate it over sterling silver. It's a fraction of the cost of solid gold but can still hold a long lifespan with proper care. All of our gold-plated jewelry is coated with either 14k or 18k gold over sterling silver 925. 

What is rhodium plating?

Some of our sterling silver jewelry may have an extra layer of rhodium plating. Rhodium coating over sterling silver makes the silver look brighter while also giving it an extra layer of protection from scratches and normal wear. 



Will my adjustable ring break if I open it too much? 

Short answer, is yes. We carry a lot of rings that are adjustable which fit approximately between US ring sizes 5-9. While our Sterling Silver 925 is high quality and durable, it’s only natural that the more you adjust your ring, the weaker its shape will be.

Tips to caring for your adjustable rings:

  1. Don't open your ring wide every time you put it on and take it off
    Instead, when you first receive and wear your ring, adjust it just enough so that you can slowly and gently twist and turn your ring to wiggle it on and off your finger. We want to be gentle and avoid over-stretching and breaking the ring. 
  2. Limit the number of times you adjust the size of your ring. Constant readjustments will cause the ring to get weaker and eventually break. A nice little tip is to pick your favorite finger to wear the ring on so your ring can stay the same size. 
  3. Treat it as the size you initially adjust it to. Once you receive your ring, and pick the finger you want to wear it on, adjust it to fit using the tips above. Once you adjust it to the size you like, treat that ring as you would any other nonadjustable ring and avoid making adjustments in the future.

And, remember to always be gentle with your jewelry. 


Does sterling silver tarnish?

Yes, but not permanently. It's completely normal for sterling silver to eventually tarnish but it is not forever! You can always bring back its shine and wear your favorite silver jewelry for a long time! See our tips below on how you can properly store your favorite pieces and how to clean them when they do tarnish.

Storage Tips: 

Please keep your jewelry away from direct sunlight and damp areas. You can keep your pieces stored in the jewelry boxes/microfiber bags from the original packaging that we provide.

What to Avoid:

To keep your jewelry from tarnishing quickly, it's best to remove your jewelry when exercising, showering, and swimming. Try to avoid contact with your lotions, perfumes and any other harsh chemicals. 

How to Clean Tarnished Silver Jewelry:

If your jewelry is heavily tarnished, you can use household items to easily clean your jewelry and bring back its beautiful shine.

What you'll need: A bowl, sheet of aluminum foil, 1 tablespoon baking soda, 1/2 cup vinegar, 1/2 cup of boiling water and a microfiber cloth or cotton cloth. 

1. Grab a bowl and line it with aluminum foil (shiny side up). 
2. Add a tablespoon of baking soda
3. Pour in 1/2 cup of vinegar
4. Pour in 1/2 cup of boiling hot water
5. Add in your silver jewelry and make sure each piece is touching the aluminum foil. 
6. Wait 10 minutes
7. Gently wipe the jewelry with a microfiber cloth to rid of any leftover residue and tadaaaa your silver is shiny again :)

If you have a silver polishing cloth, you can also gently buff out tarnished areas from time to time as well. We suggest once a month if you wear it often just so you don't wear down the metal too much. 

Also, pro-tip wear your silver jewelry as often as possible to keep from oxidizing faster. 

Hope these tips were helpful!